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Bone Machine Brewing Co. respects privacy and is committed to actively ensuring all data collected is treated with absolute care. 

This policy explicitly explains what data we gather from you (or rather what you provide us), why we gather this information, how we use it, and how it is processed. For any immediate questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Furthermore, by entering you have consented to sharing given data with us. By entering the site you have also declared that you are over the legal age of purchasing and consuming alcohol (18).

Cookies have been added to give the user full control of which data they would like to keep saved to the site, this allows for ease of use and gives the user the option on how they would like to use the site.

Following the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Bone Machine Brew Co, and any data shared with us is not shared with external forces. This allows users to identify exactly who is using the data.

The type of information we collect through is:
Names, E-Mail Address, Phone Number, Credit/debit card details, financial information, uploaded media, and other personal information.

Some of this information will be used solely on the website. We will not share financial information between other platforms we use, however personal data may be used on internal platforms to the controller i.e. emails for trade purposes.

We will not share the data with external companies/parties.
Information will be naturally gathered by visits to the site and saved to our analytic report.
This information will be used to:

The information in which is provided to us will be used in a number of ways. The information will be used to contact users of goods and services which are available through Bone Machine Brewing Co; to notify you on current orders; to notify you on upcoming news or information of services and goods. We will contact you through personal information in which you have provided us, both electronic means (SMS and Email), and/or telephone/mobile means.

As previously mentioned, we will not share this information external from the controller. If you are concerned buy the way in which we use your data, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Data collected will be stored on, in which they will remain a processor and not a controller. will not have a direct relationship with the ‘user-of-user’ but will store personal data gathered by users, which can be used by the controller. For more information on this please feel free to visit

Unfortunately we cannot control data breaches, but we will do our upmost to keep your data safe and secure by following and enacting this policy.
Your Rights:

Please be aware that you, as user, are free to contact us at any time with queries regarding data protection and our policy. Furthermore, please be aware that links to external sites will follow different policies.
Finally, if our policy is due to change we will contact you to make sure that you are aware, and to give you time to contact us about changes to this policy.
Thank you,
Bone Machine Brew Co

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